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Dj Hype Official DJ For Jon Connor #Flint

19+ years as a DJ.. Xbox and PS3 junkie

Official Tour Dj for Aftermaths new artist

Jon Connor

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Zero chill!!!! LOL

Getting ready to spin at @luxeloungemi

Track goes crazy…

MAN!!!!! Lol


We goin in tonight at @luxeloungemi

Man!! 50 be foolin…

A student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City discovered 10 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase while moving into her dorm, authorities say.

The New York Post reports that that 21-year-old, who had just flown into the city from Trinidad & Tobago, was unpacking when she found four packages of the drug worth a reported $150,000 in her luggage. According to the Post, she immediately called the police, telling them she had no idea how they got there.

Off this @mistercap


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