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Dj Hype Official DJ For Jon Connor #Flint

19+ years as a DJ.. Xbox and PS3 junkie

Official Tour Dj for Aftermaths new artist

Jon Connor

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All white party tonight at @luxeloungemi

Tonight at @luxeloungemi TGIF

S/o to @jonconnormusic biggest fan @salute_mr_alsina 👏👏👏 #teamjonconnor

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The Loft

BK’s tho

I’m sorry but any man that can post pictures on Facebook of stacks of money, clothes, shoes or rims and is late on child support payments needs they ass locked up. If you can’t afford to take care of kids keep your s#!t in your pants.. Straight up!



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My babies and I are going to get it in tomorrow.. ✊

Grant Hill 95’s 11 1/2