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Da kid BWOO Beats live at The Loft this Thursday!

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Sometimes new trends are a little hard for the public to understand or accept, and Trick Daddy’s new “Eat A Booty Gang” movement is one of them. He posted a picture on his Instagram profile recently inside of a rather small bathroom standing next to four other men all wearing black t-shirts with the bold “EataBoodyGang” logo on them. They each held up similar hand signs and stared into the camera with serious faces. The photo was captioned with the same “EataBootyGang” logo that the t-shirts carried.

As you can imagine, fans were pretty shocked at the photo and went in posting loads of reactions to Trick Daddy’s new movement and attire. Some fans have been questioning his decision to cosign a phrase or movement like that, while another speculated that this was simply their way of expressing how they like to grub down on a female’s “back-crack.” Either way, the shocked reactions on both Twitter and Instagram were classic and will most likely make you chuckle a bit.


@keihustle and @icewear_vezzo rocked out!!

We in here!!

My nigga @icewear_vezzo in here!! Y’all look out for that Clarity 3!

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